Soft tissue grafting

Soft tissue grafts are recommended to stop further gum recession, and/or to improve the aesthetics of your gum line. Your gums can recede for a number of reasons such as aggressive tooth brushing and periodontal disease. Exposed tooth roots are the result of gum recession, which makes your teeth appear too long. The exposed roots can be sensitive to cold or hot foods and liquids.

A soft tissue graft will repair the defect and help prevent additional recession and bone loss. Soft tissue grafts can be used to cover exposed roots or increase the thickness of the existing gum. The ability to cover the roots of teeth depends on many factors some of which are beyond the control of the periodontist such as tooth position.

After sufficient anesthesia is achieved, the site that needs the graft will be prepared. The periodontist will then gently take tissue from the roof of your mouth to cover the exposed root or to thicken the gum. The areas will be stitched and covered with with a “band-aid” dressing.

During the healing phase, it is very important that the graft remain absolutely still. The dressing over the graft needs to remain in place until the sutures are removed one week after surgery. The dressing on the roof of your mouth may fall off sooner which is fine.

Using various soft tissue grafting techniques, Dr. Baldan may be able to rebuild the gum line and restore your natural looking smile. The first step to a more beautiful smile is to contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment. Dr. Baldan will discuss with you what is possible regarding periodontal plastic surgery.

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